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The purpose of this group is to provide a place to share information and resources about the Caribbean Waterbird Census (CWC), shorebirds, and waterbirds in the Caribbean.


Established in 2010, the CWC is a multi-partner region-wide waterbird and wetland monitoring program led by BirdsCaribbean. The goal of this program is to learn more about the distribution, status, and abundance of waterbirds in the Caribbean in order to better conserve and manage these beautiful birds and their habitats. We also aim to increase awareness, build capacity, and engage non-governmental organizations, government agencies, communities, and volunteers in wetland monitoring and conservation. Ultimately, we want to identify and ensure that as many important wetland sites as possible are conserved.


We post information, news, and updates about the CWC and other aspects of monitoring, such as timing of regional counts, availability of grants, materials, and training opportunities, data entry and analysis, etc. Group members are encouraged to post questions for discussion, share photos of challenging birds to ID (those pesky shorebirds!), and also to share the results of their monitoring efforts, including rare and/or unusual sightings or urgent threats to wetlands. All persons interested in becoming involved in waterbird/ shorebird and wetland monitoring in the Caribbean are welcome to join the group and participate in the CWC.


The CWC Regional Count takes place every year from January 14th to February 3rd. However, everyone is encouraged to conducts counts year-round, especially during fall and spring migration periods (August to November and March to June). We need much more information about the sites that migratory waterbirds and shorebirds use for wintering and migration stopover so that we can take actions to conserve these sites.


Click here to learn how to participate in the CWC.


Click here for access to free downloadable shorebird ID resources.


For more information, contact:


Jessica Rozek Cañizares, BirdsCaribbean Waterbird Program Manager: jessica.rozek@birdscaribbean.org

Lisa Sorenson, BirdsCaribbean Executive Director: Lisa.Sorenson@BirdsCaribbean

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