Welcome to; BirdsCaribbean’s main discussion group. The purpose of this e-group is to provide a forum for communication about Caribbean birds. BirdsCaribbean will share news on activities and important conservation and ornithological developments in the region, including news on current projects and announcements about new resources, upcoming workshops and conferences, and funding opportunities. Members of this group are invited to share similar information. The list also provides opportunities for discussion among members about key issues related to bird conservation and research in the region. is the overarching group that everyone here belongs to. Within this group are "Subgroups,” created for specific BirdsCaribbean Working Groups. If you are interested in joining a Subgroup, submit a request on the main page for the group: 

Waterbird (Caribbean Waterbird Census) Working Group:

Seabird Working Group: 

Education Working Group:

Endemic and Threatened Species Working Group:

West Indies Checklist Working Group:

Monitoring Working Group:

International Black-capped Petrel Conservation Group:

West Indian Whistling-Duck Working Group:

This group replaces our BirdsCaribbean Yahoo group, active for more than 20 years! It will continue as a great place to connect with others who are passionate about the science and conservation of these birds and their habitats, as well as the Caribbean communities and livelihoods that are intertwined. 

Why you're here: to network, share knowledge, collaborate, foster healthy discussion, help build a community, and support one another. 

We have a no-tolerance policy for subscribers that undertake any actions that compromise this platform from being the safe, equitable, and productive place that it was designed to be. 

Please email any questions or concerns to: 


BirdsCaribbean is a vibrant international network of members and partners committed to conserving Caribbean birds and their habitats in the insular Caribbean (including Bermuda, the Bahamas and all islands within the Caribbean basin).

Our mission is to raise awareness, promote sound science, and empower local partners to build a region where people appreciate, conserve and benefit from thriving bird populations and ecosystems.

We are a non-profit 501(c)3 membership organization. With 32 years of experience, BirdsCaribbean has built an extensive and active network of more than 60 partners across the region that includes government agencies, institutions, businesses, and non-profits. 

Together with our partners, we develop regional projects to achieve our shared bird conservation goals. We also work to engage people of all ages in learning about birds—their beauty, value, and why it is important to protect them.

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